About Commerce GA

My visit to Commerce GA is a time well spent in a city that has a glorious past, an impressive shopping experience to offer and also a bright future because of new businesses taking root there recently.


Commerce GA is located on the U.S. 441 Heritage Highway. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places because of an impressive and historic downtown commercial district which still retains a collection of 19th and 20th century commercial and industrial edifices. They reflect the charm narrated by author Olive Ann Burns in her novel titled Cold Sassy Tree.

I was transported to a more relaxed era when I rode a train to go to the city center and visited the shops and the restaurants. I also visited Banks Crossing to do more shopping at Tanger Outlets and Commerce Crossing.

Commerce GA is also known for drag racing through the Atlanta Dragway which is an NHRA sanctioned track. I listed down the full schedule of events throughout the year including NHRA's Southern Nationals come April. If I have time, I'll fit in one of these exciting events on my schedule.

I also wouldn't miss going to the Funopolis Family Fun Center with its laser tag, mini golf and arcade games. And I got a spectacular view of the North Georgia Mountains when I played golf at Sandy Creek which is at the foothills of these mountains.


When I went around Commerce and caught a glimpse of the giant SK Battery Complex which just opened, I get the feeling that the city would be a great place to raise a family because of the new businesses that are sprouting around the area like this South Korean company.

SK has committed to invest $2.6 billion and will hire more than 2,600 workers by 2024. I like the idea of electric cars being good to the environment and SK will be supplying Lithium ion batteries which are vital parts of electric cars which will be the dominant vehicles of the future.

My visit to Commerce GA has been well worth it. I saw a glorious historical past of the South through it, did some pleasant shopping and golfing and saw the potential of the city as a high tech hub because of new high grade companies sprouting in and around it.

I know I'll be reading something good about Commerce GA anytime in the next few months.