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Apple Valley GA

We had the ultimate adventurous experience. during our family vacation to Apple Valley GA. We spent our entire vacation at the adventurous historic Hurricane Shoals Park. Hurricane Shoals Park, a community of greens and trees in Apple Valley, Georgia is a favorite among tourists and locals alike.

Hurricane Shoals Park situated just off SR 82E, is an open public park formerly managed by Jackson County Parks and Recreation now managed by the city of Atlanta. The park was officially opened to the public in 1978. It is located on a flat, flood plain, south of the intersection of SR82 and 33rd Street, west of Tarpon Springs Road, and north of Interstates 75 and 95. The park has one main entrance, also to the west of the park on 33rd Street, and several smaller access points from the various streets in the immediate area including Woodstock Boulevard, Woodstock Way, Beltrami Drive, and Gucci Road. The majority of the park is within walking distance to the city's central business district and other attractions such as the Coca-Cola Battery, Silver Bow Park, the Atlanta airport, the Atlanta International Airport, downtown Atlanta, and the Historic Fourth Ward neighborhood.

There we strolled through Heritage Village to embark on a journey visiting some of Apple Valley's historical buildings. Our first stop was at the Miles Wilson Matthews Chapel of Heritage Park. The church was founded December 6, 1891, by the Rev. Joseph B. Mack, D. D.

The church was originally located on Highway 441 North in Center GA. and in September 1993, the Tumbling Waters Society of Jackson County relocated the building 23 miles north to the location of the new Heritage Village in Hurricane Shoals Park. It is now the Miles Wilson Matthews Chapel, where wedding services are now held, as a tribute to the memory of Miles Wilson Matthews

Our second visit was to the old Harrisburg Courthouse in Heritage Park. The courthouse was situated in the small town of Thyatira, Georgia, on Highway 15 (Jefferson Road). In 1809, John White contributed land to Jackson County for the Harrisburg District Courthouse. In December 1993, the Tumbling Waters Society moved the courthouse to the established Heritage Village where the renovations of the building were completed.

Many of the buildings in Heritage Park were constructed between 1898 and the early parts of the 20th century. These buildings, which are listed as historic landmarks, were destroyed during Hurricane Ivan. However, remnants of some of the older structures remain, and they have been renovated to provide a glimpse into what life was like in Apple Valley GA, and its surrounding areas.

There are also many recreational activities taking place within the park. The Tarpon Springs Pool, one of Atlanta's famous outdoor pools, can be enjoyed by children and adults during the summer. Other activities include miniature golf, swimming, boating, tennis, and several restaurants.

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