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Danielsville GA

My visit to Danielsville GA was truly delightful. There were so many eventful things to do that day, which made my time in Danielsville GA so enjoyable and thrilling. I mention some of the great places I went to in case you are hoping to have an adventurous day in Danielsville GA sometime soon.

The Sandbar

I enjoyed the awesome time on the zip line at the Sandbar, which was so impressively scenic. The guides were knowledgeable and truly helpful. Then after my heart and head were pumping full of adrenaline from the zip line experience, it was time to try some kayaking along Broad River, which is undeniably gorgeous. It was a nice five mile float down the river.

Team ECCO Aquarium and Shark Lab

The Team ECCO Aquarium and Shark Lab is a wonderful place with much enchanting marine life, as there are over two hundred and seventy-five invertebrates and fish. Furthermore, being an avid lover of reptiles, I was pleased to view thirty different species of reptiles there. Then it was truly exciting to see the shark study tank that held two thousand gallons of water. There were several species of sharks that looked magnificent.

Ila Restaurant

I soon became quite hungry with all this excitement for the day so far. But I was not ready to sit down in the restaurant yet for a big meal, as I wanted to go and do some more exploring in Danielsville GA. That is why I decided to order a biscuit to go, which was recommended to me by one of the local patrons of the restaurant. The biscuit was stuffed with country ham, cheese and mayonnaise. It was made with a high standard of excellence and tasted scrumptious. I also got some lemonade to take along with me and a huge chocolate pecan cookie.

87 Vintage Market

I love things that are vintage, so I was pleased to enjoy some time at 87 Vintage Market. It was a splendid shopping trip at this market, as I bought many gifts for birthdays and even for someone's anniversary. This is due to the fact that I have a lot of friends who like vintage and antique things like I do. There were some amazing antiques that were even from the United Kingdom. This shop feels like a whole other world and is nicely maintained with many interesting pieces. The staff members are kind and inviting. The owners even offered me some free vintage postcards, because I had bought so many items from them.

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