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Nicholson GA

I am so in love with nature and being active. That is why when my friend told me what he and his wife had enjoyed doing in Nicholson GA, I had decided that it was time to take a trip there myself to spend a day. If you are feeling overwhelmed with stress, I highly recommend taking a day to yourself to go to enjoy some great time in nature and some fun activities in Nicholson GA to help you get refreshed.

Slow Water

Slow Water is the perfect place to go, as I was fully surrounded by nature. I floated on a tube down a lovely, peaceful river. The beautiful trees and the thrilling sounds of the birds made the day so relaxing and peaceful. The place was easy to find and I spent several hours here. I also enjoyed some fishing.

Dancing Tree Farms

I had not been horseback riding in years. My friend was right when he said that I would thoroughly enjoy my time of horseback riding at Dancing Tree Farms. I found the trails to be well laid out. The horse I had was easy to control and provided a nice, steady ride. It was wonderful to be able to ride across several expansive acres and to feel the breeze in my face. I felt such freedom and relaxation.

Thai Spoon

Then it was time for lunch, as I was ravenously hungry after those exhilarating activities. This was a late lunch, as I had spent many hours at both previous places. I decided to go to Thai Spoon, as I was craving some Thai food. That craving had been with me for two weeks. This restaurant proved to be a real gem. I completely devoured the delicious chicken rolls that were made with bell peppers, basil leaves, minced chicken, onions and celery. The spring roll shells were so soft and the plum chili sauce was pleasantly sweet for dipping. Then I also enjoyed a decadent shrimp pad thai of thin rice noodles that were fried along with cabbage, eggs, green onions carrots as well as fresh lime.

Code 4

I have a co-worker whose wife recently had a child. I had not given him and his wife a gift yet. I enjoyed browsing Code 4 that sells baby items and baby furniture. This co-worker had helped me out in some difficult situations, so I was feeling generous. I bought three cute and cozy blankets for the baby, a new high chair, a few large packs of diapers, three plush toys, two outfits and a car seat. My friend had mentioned that they needed an extra car seat for the baby, as they have two vehicles. All the items at Code 4 are well made and are nicely designed.

Ila | Planter

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