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Planter GA

I had an amazing day in Planter GA. There were many interesting things to see and do. If you have been wondering what there is to actually enjoy seeing and doing in Planter GA, I share some nifty things here with you in case you would like to get away to this friendly and interesting place.

Aleksandra's Gift Shop

Aleksandra's Gift ShopI stopped by at Aleksandra's Gift Shop and I enjoyed this pleasant shopping experience very much. There were many unique items as well as plenty of nice home goods. Furthermore, there was some stylish clothing for children as well as adults. Then I really thought that the handmade candles were exquisite, so I bought some for my home. I also bought some for my mom and sister, as they also have always been fascinated with candles. Then there were some cute cat and dog pillows, so I bought a few of those as well to add to the decor in the guest room in my home.

River Street Sweets

I have always loved pralines. But River Street Sweets makes the best ones that I have ever had. They are extremely scrumptious. They are so fresh and have tasty pecans that are enormous. Then I munched on some sensationally divine pecan caramel corn and tried many other fabulous treats. The portions are huge. I also indulged in chocolate fudge. I overindulged and my desire for sweets kicked into high gear. I usually do not eat this much sweet stuff all in one day. But it was so tantalizing.

Leopold's Ice Cream

The owner of River Street Sweets had said that since I seem to love treats and had come all this way to Planter GA, I should try Leopold's Ice Cream while I was there. I am glad I experienced the creamy, sweet and rich ice cream that seemed like a cold cloud of happiness and tastiness when I savored every spoonful of two kinds of ice cream topped with cherries, white chocolate and honey. The place was very busy, which means that this place is continuing to live up to its reputation of providing delicious ice cream. The Ice cream is made in small batches on site with the usage of only the best ingredients at all times.

Webb Military Museum

With indulging in all those sweet things that were so amazing, there was no room left in my stomach for a normal meal at a restaurant. It was nearing time to go home, but I wanted to fit in one more activity. I headed over to Webb Military Museum where there were so many intriguing and informative exhibits that covered the periods of the Civil War all the way up to Desert Storm. This museum made me appreciate the efforts that those in the military make in order to protect our freedom. I am truly grateful to all of them.

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