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How to Store Microwave in Self Storage?

Storing household appliances in a self-storage unit is a common practice. However, proper storage techniques must be followed to ensure that appliances are not damaged during the storage period. In this article, we will discuss how to store microwaves in self-storage units.

Here are some essential steps to follow:

Step 1: Clean your Microwave

The first step in storing your microwave is to clean it thoroughly. Wipe down the inner and outer surfaces of the microwave with a clean damp cloth using light soap and water.

Step 2: Remove the Glass Turntable

Remove the glass turntable from the microwave and package it securely. Use bubble wrap to wrap the turntable and secure it with tape. Place the wrapped turntable in a separate box, not with the microwave.

Step 3: Get a Strong Cardboard Box

Select a sturdy cardboard box that is large enough to hold your microwave. If you have the original box, it is ideal to use it.

Step 4: Tape the Door Closed

Use packing tape to secure the microwave door closed to prevent damage during storage.

Step 5: Secure the Power Cord

Wrap up the power cord and tape it to the side of the microwave.

Step 6: Wrap the Microwave

Wrap the microwave in bubble wrap or towels to protect it from scratches and other damages. If the storage unit facility provides packing supplies, it's best to use them.

Step 7: Place the Microwave in an Upright Position

Place the boxed microwave in an upright position on a flat surface. If you have other items to store, be mindful of what you place on top of the microwave box.

Following these steps will ensure that your microwave remains in good condition during storage. Storing a microwave in a storage unit is a practical solution for short or long-term storage. By taking proper care of your appliances during storage, you can extend their lifespan and avoid costly damages.

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