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What Can You Use a Storage Unit for?

It's a fact that up to 40% of people in the United States use a storage unit. It's no surprise, as storage units provide the extra space we all need.

A storage unit is a designated space in enclosed structures (like buildings) with the sole purpose of storing your belongings. Most people have too many items they can't keep at home, so they need extra room.

If you're one of them, you might wonder what you can use a storage unit for and what items you're not allowed to keep inside.

What can you store in a storage unit?

You can store almost anything that comes to mind, except for shady or illegal items. Most people use their units to store vehicles, including bikes and motorcycles, artwork like a canvas that can't be kept at home, old electronic devices, furniture, and home decor that they don't need at the time, musical instruments, sports equipment like bikes, helmets, or replacements, and books that don't fit on their home bookshelves. The list goes on according to your needs. You can store anything that you can't keep at home and won't attract mold or bugs.

You can even convert the unit into a studio. If you're in need of peace of mind and extra space when working, then this might be your go-to solution. Other options include creating a gym, a music room for your band, or an art studio for yourself. Please note that each company has its own regulations, so ask before making any significant decisions or investments!

What can't you store in a storage unit?

If you're a tenant, you must comply with your renter's rules. Some storage companies have strict regulations regarding what you can (and can't) keep in their units. Items that these companies often forbid are food (as it may attract pests or mold), firearms, hazardous materials like acid, fireworks, gasoline, or kerosene, living or dead things, money, stolen property, and tires. The list depends on each firm's policy, so please read the rules or ask the staff before renting a storage unit.

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