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Four Things To Do When Storing Your Car

Four Things To Do When Storing Your Car

A car is a valuable investment for many people. Some consider it a necessity, while others view it as a cherished belonging. Take care of your vehicle, regardless of your view.

People store cars because of infrequent use, inadequate space, military duty, and classic car maintenance. You can maintain your vehicle in excellent condition through proper car storage.

You'll have to do a few things before you store your car. These measures ensure the vehicle is in perfect condition throughout the storage period.

  1. Consider the Car Storage Options

You can choose outdoor storage, indoor storage, multilevel storage, or undercover parking spots. The best option for you depends on your preferences, budget, and needs.

For example, choose a storage facility with easy access if you wish to use your vehicle regularly. Indoor storage can offer extra protection needed when you want to store your vehicle for an extended period. You may opt for outdoor storage if you want an affordable option, and your car doesn't need protection from elements.

  1. Examine the Car Storage Cost

Car storage cost depends on three things.

  • Type of parking space: Outdoor car storage is the most prominent and affordable vehicle storage form. It can include driveways, on-street parking, and parking lots. You may need extra security measures if you choose this form of auto storage, such as video surveillance and security fences. Undercover car storage can be a bit expensive, and your vehicle gets a roof or other overhead covers. The cover protects your vehicle from natural elements. Indoor storage tends to be the most costly option, as you'll enjoy ample space, covered storage, and adequate security.
  • Duration of storage: You'll pay more for the auto storage if you need your vehicle stored for extended periods. You pay for short-term storage per hour or day.
  • Market forces: The storage space's supply and demand affect your expenses. The storage can be expensive if many people want it, but the space available is inadequate.


  1. Prepare Your Car for Storage

Prepare your vehicle for storage to avoid having flat tires or a drained battery. Follow these tips to ensure the car is in excellent condition when you need it.

  1. Change the car fluids, including gasoline, oil, coolant, clutch fluids, windshield washer liquid, and hydraulic brake fluids. Fill the car's fuel tank, then add a stabilizer compound. A mechanic can help you with these activities.
  2. Clean the car's interior and exterior thoroughly. Food particles that you leave in the vehicle can form molds and mildew. You may take your vehicle to the car wash and wax its exterior and inside door jambs.
  3. Prepare the mechanics. Put the car's transmission on neutral, connect the vehicle's battery to a charger, and depressurize the fuel system.
  4. Put the vehicle up on jack stands.
  5. Cover the vehicle with high-quality material.


  1. Insure the Vehicle

Register and insure the vehicle when it is in the storage unit. Ask your insurer if they can provide temporary, less expensive coverage when the car is in storage. You may get citations or lose your license if you store an uninsured vehicle.

Following these steps when you store your car is crucial. Your vehicle will be in excellent condition throughout the storage period. Skar Storage is the Leader in personal vehicle storage near Commerce GA, Call Today or click below.

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