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Skar Self Storage is located at 833 W. Allen Road in Commerce, GA. With proximity to US-441 and GA-98, we are able to serve residents and businesses throughout Commerce, Danielsville, Ila, Nicholson, Apple Valley, Planter, and several other surrounding areas. We are open from 9 AM to 5 PM, 6 days a week, and we have a variety of storage unit sizes available to address your needs. We offer 24-hour gated access and a FREE lock when you rent a storage unit!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Self-Storage Facility?

 It is a facility that has storage space such as lockers, containers, rooms, and outdoor storage space. A storage facility rents out the storage space to tenants for a given time, such as a week, month, or year. The tenants that seek these services are individuals and businesses.

Typically, self-storage facilities do not take control or possession of the storage space's content rented by a tenant. However, they do take control or possession if a lien gets imposed for not paying the rent.

What are the Best Ways to Use these Facilities?

Tenants have many options on the way they choose to use the storage space they rent from these facilities. Below are some of the best ways that a tenant can use his/her storage unit:

  • Storing Seasonal Decor in a Storage Unit

  • Storing Baby Gear at a storage facility

  • Storing Luggage in a storage facility near you

  • Storing Documents and Papers

  • Storing Seasonal and Costume Wear

  • Storing Sports Equipment

1.Storing Seasonal Decor

Since most people are fans of decorating their homes during different holidays and seasons, there is a lot of decorating stuff in these homes. At times, you may lack enough space in your home to store them. Besides, these materials may get damaged by moisture and molds, and your house may not have suitable conditions to prevent their damage. Here is when these self-storage facilities come in handy.

In a self-storage facility, there is plenty of space that can help depopulate your home. Besides, most self-storage facilities have climate-controlled units to ensure that your decorative materials will be kept safe, dry, and free from mold attack till the next holiday.

2.Storing Baby Gear

High chairs, strollers, jumpers, cribs, playpens, and the likes are notorious for consuming a lot of space in your house. If you are a small family and intend to expand it, there is a need to keep these playing items in a safe place for later use.

It makes this possible as it can keep your items safely and helps free up space in your house. With the extra space, you can set up a mini-library or even a home office.

3.Storing Luggage Bags

Among the trickiest items to store are luggage bags, especially if you are not a frequent traveler. Luggage bags often consume much space in your house and are bulky. Their big surface also makes them prone to dust.

Instead of keeping the luggage bags in a closet or under beds, you can rent a unit in these facilities. It will help free up much valuable space in your house and keep them safely until when you need them.

4.Storing Recreational Vehicles and Boats

If you have a trailer, camper van, or boat, you may notice that it is consuming some extra space that you would use for other purposes. For this reason, you may opt to rent a storage unit to keep them till you need them for a later date. It will help you save up on space in your home and prevent them from damage by rust if you rent a climate-controlled storage unit.

5.Storing Documents and Papers

It is crucial to keep your important papers and documents for record-keeping and later reference if you operate a business. It is also necessary to keep your office neat and tidy, and having papers and documents eating away your storage space may be a challenge. To tackle this challenge, it is advisable to rent out a secure storage unit that will keep your documents safe while protecting your business secrets.

6.Storing Seasonal Wear and Costumes

Seasonal wear and costumes are notorious for consuming much storage space in your closet. For this reason, it is advisable to keep your bulky winter wear and the seldom-used clothing in another place to create space for the new and most used clothes.

It is where a rented storage unit comes in handy. Renting a storage unit will keep your clothing safely in a controlled climate condition. It will also help free up valuable space in your closet.

7.Storing Sports Equipment

For active athletes engaging in different sports, you may have some bulky and large equipment such as kayaks, golf clubs, or scuba gear lying around in your garage or basement. To save on this valuable space, renting an affordable extra storage space is the most sensible thing to do.

It is essential to choose a facility that offers customers units of different sizes so that you can correctly determine the one that suits your needs. You might also want to choose a storage facility near where you play your sport to ease transportation.

8.Storing Musical Instruments

If you happen to possess musical instruments from your past or ones that you do not use that much, you might want to store them away from your house to save up on valuable space. You can rent a storage unit to store your guitars, pianos, and other musical instruments and prevent them from getting damaged.

9.Business Storage

Industries and businesses of all sizes have many valuable materials and require proper storage for them to remain in decent condition. Companies must seek rental services from quality self-storage facilities that can protect their materials while freeing up valuable office space.

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